Getting started

A complete plugin for GUI menu with an advanced API.


zMenus is a complete inventory plugin. You can create your inventories and link them to custom commands. With the button system you will be able to push to the maximum the customization of your inventories. You need to create an inventory per file, and you can sort your files into folders. The plugin has an advanced API to allow other developers to use the same inventory configuration system. You can link inventories of several plugins together without any worries! The goal of this API is to have a uniform configuration for a better user experience.

Download here:


  • Ability to create an infinite number of GUI Menu and commands.

  • Possibility to create several pages in the same inventory.

  • Arguments for your commands.

  • A marketplace to download configurations (WIP)

  • An online inventory editor (WIP)

  • Advanced API.

  • Ability to create an infinite number of buttons for each of your actions.

  • Highly customizable.

  • Kyori Adventure Mini Message Format support.

  • Folia support.

  • Convert from other plugins (DeluxeMenu)

  • Patterns, finished copying pasted several times the same configuration

  • Anti duplication system. With the plugin the duplication will be completely impossible.

  • Possibility to translate your items in several languages, the plugin is responsible for displaying the right translation to the player !

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